Current Members

Duty roster

Can't do your allocated duty ?

If you need to change your shift, then please notify the library as soon as possible via email

Help us keep in touch!

Please ensure that your current email address and telephone numbers are on our records as most communication from the Toy Library are through these methods.

We have a great Facebook page which is regularly updated with details of new toys being added to our collection - look for Canterbury Toy Library.  

Change of details

Please email us for any change of address or phone details.

Renewing or resigning?

Every year the toy library will remind you to renew your membership as you approach your sign-up date. For members renewing or resigning from the toy library, please pop into the library and complete a membership renewal/resignation form which has a section to complete for our records and insurance purposes.


If your membership has expired and you have decided not to renew, we also appreciate a formal resignation for our records​.

Other housekeeping policies

Here's our policies as they relate to:

Member information booklet

Toy cleaning

Missing parts and broken toys

Toy donations