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First Play

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Joining a toy library while your baby is young can open up a world of discovery but can also be a little overwhelming to find toys that suit their current stage of development. Below you will find some of our toys recommended for the very first stages of play.

Activity Gyms and Pram Toys

Learning basic cause and effect by reaching and swiping at hanging items.

Mat Play and Tummy Time

Self-correcting weighted toys with chimes

Learn cause and effect by reaching and swiping, making the toy ‘chime’.

Position weighted toys to encourage tummy time and rolling over. EY39 Ambi Toy Pack, EY128, Fat Brain Toy Pack, EY124 Fat Brain Spinny Pins


Encourage tummy time, head control, social emotional skills and self-awareness. 2759 See Me Picture Mat, 2707 Activity Garden Mirror, EY51 Tummy Time Set with Mirror

Activity Centres

Encourage tummy time, head control, cause and effect, reaching out and hand-eye coordination.

1736 ELC Activity Triangle, EY48 Tolo Musical TV, EY119 Fat Brain Klickity

Source: Based on the Toy Libraries Australia Play Skills Series


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