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Sustainable Active Play Toys

With growing awareness about the impact our purchases can have on the environment we are seeing more families choosing and requesting sustainable options for their children's play. We are excited to welcome a new range of wooden active play toys to support children's gross motor skills and development that will be enjoyed by members for many years to come.

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Balwyn and City of Boroondara for supporting our Sustainable Play project and making these resources available.

Bambino Pikler Triangle (AP52 & AP53)

This mini climbing pikler is specially designed for for the littlest of our members. Recommended for ages 6 months to 2.5 years to be used with adult supervision, the rungs are slimmer for little hands to grip and with its flat base your baby will be able to learn to pull themselves up and even cruise around.

When your little ones are feeling confident you could add a balance board to create a little slide or tunnel, it also makes a great ramp for your favourite cars!

Midi Pikler Triangle (AP09 & AP54)

The Midi folding triangle is the ideal size for babies and toddlers learning to pull up, walk or climb to be used with adult supervision. This triangle also folds away for easy storage if you are short on space. AP54 includes a slide that can be used on its own or pair it with a Bambino to create an extra challenge to explore!

For little ones always on the move a climbing frame can give them an outlet while indoors to burn energy while developing gross motor skills, physical strength and agility.

Wooden balance boards and Kinderboards (AP32, AP33 & AP29)

Developed for use in Waldorf early childhood classrooms Kinderboards are a clever way of developing a child's balance, stimulating their vestibular system and helping them gain a deeper awareness of their body and body parts.

Fuelled by your child's imagination they can be used not only for rocking and balancing but also as a step stool, boat, shopfront, tunnel, ramp, slide and so much more. Kinderboards support up to 220kg in weight so they can be used by adults as well as children, give it a try the next time you visit!

Cover image - Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels


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