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Why should kids go barefoot more?

We all know about the 5 important senses (sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste), but we often forget about MOVEMENT as a significant sensory component. Play activities like going barefoot on a sensory play mat, stimulate the proprioceptive system and vestibular system. These systems contribute to everything from balance and visual skills, to attention and behaviour. Exploring the world using the sense of movement further contributes to kids’ secure and organised sense of themselves.

Remember your childhood when kids ran barefoot on the grass, on rocks by the river and on the pebbles and leaves in the garden or forest. We jumped over fallen logs and balanced on them. We waded by the sea or river, looking for empty shells and building castles of sand or mud. Such fun memories and we were fortunate to have felt these amazing experiences under our feet.

While we cannot bring the forest into our home. However, we can help recreate the experience in new innovative ways through “Muffik's Orthopaedic sensory playmats”

So what is Muffik's Sensory Playmat?

Muffik Orthopaedic sensory playmats are inspired by nature and have been engineered to specifically replicate the surfaces and sensations felt in nature by children’s feet. The soft and firm types of interlocking mats feature the textures and surfaces of grass, pebbles, seashells and forests. These textures mimic the benefits and pleasures of walking barefoot over real surfaces. The purpose is to give children an experience of walking on different natural surfaces in a safe environment.

These sensory playmats are designed as an interlocking puzzle, just like a jigsaw. They come in 2 sizes with numerous shapes and colours providing hours of fun active play.

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We are excited to let you know that we now have two of these fun sensory playmate sets available to borrow at the toy library.

Set 1 with Eco Tiles - AP57

Set 2 Large Sensory Playmat Set - AP58


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