Member Information

Congratulations on joining Canterbury Toy Library! We hope you enjoy watching your children learn and develop through play, there are just a few things each member is responsible for as part of their membership


Our members play a critical role in keeping the library operating by helping at the toy library each year. 


Members volunteer for three hours, twice a year helping to check returned toys for completeness and cleanliness.  Our session co-ordinator will guide you through the process.  


Some benefits of duty are:


  • You can meet other members of the toy library – we often see neighbours meeting for the first time!

  • It’s a great way to check out the full range of toys on offer

  • At the end of the session, you are entitled to borrow an extra toy


We also have other volunteering opportunities such as joining our committee of management, fundraising BBQ's and stocktake sessions.


Member Responsibilities

Members are responsible for all toys they borrow including returning them clean with all of the correct pieces.

Our borrowing period is 4 weeks with the option to renew online for a further 4. The exception to this are our popular 'no renewal' toys that are clearly marked on the label.

When you borrow your toys please ensure you count them when you return home. If there are any pieces missing that aren't listed on the label please email us at so we can update our system.

When you return your toys, first check in with the session co-ordinator so that they can be marked off in the system. Then hand them to the member on duty to be checked.

Missing Pieces / Damage

Please note: On return of the toy, any damage or missing pieces not noted in the toy library database will be assumed to have occurred whilst the toy was in your care, and fines may apply.


  • Missing piece fines are $5 per piece

  • Late fees are $1 per toy per week

We understand that sometimes things happen, if a toy is damaged please do not try to repair it yourself. Let our Coordinator know if a toy is broken or showing signs of wear.

If a missing piece / damage renders the toy unusable, the fine will be the replacement value of the toy for toys less than a year old and a proportion of that thereafter at the discretion of the committee.

Image by Markus Spiske
Educational Toys

Safety & Care

Children should be adequately supervised while playing with the toys borrowed. This is for safety reasons as well as to prevent toys from being broken or damaged.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the toys borrowed are suitable for the age and skill of the child/ren that will use them. Please ensure toys containing small parts (posing a potential choking hazard) are not accessible to child aged under 3


When joining you’ll be required to sign a helmet waiver form. This form advises that you, the member, will provide any/all helmets required to protect your child when using a toy from the toy library.


Disclaimer: Toys are borrowed at your own risk, and any personal injury or property damage or loss of any kind whatsoever occasioned through or in connection with the borrowing and/or use of the items by any person is not the responsibility of Canterbury Area Toy Library or its committee members or employees, either collectively or individually.

Toy Cleaning

As part of Canterbury Toy Library's Covid-safe plan approved by public health officials, all members are required to thoroughly clean their toys prior to returning them to the toy library.

We thank you for keeping all our members safe.

How to clean

Wipe the toy thoroughly with a cloth damp with either a pH neutral detergent(such as diluted dishwashing detergent) or a 2-in-1 cleaner/disinfectant (most multipurpose sprays available at the supermarket). If using a 2-in-1 multipurpose spray, the solution must be sprayed onto the cloth until it is quite damp.You can use something like an old toothbrush or a cotton bud to get into hard to reach places.


Dry the toy with a tea towel or leave to dry overnight. Please make sure the toy is perfectly dry before returning it to its bag or box. Do not submerge toys in water as they can trap water inside them or in the case of wooden toys, too much water may damage the wood/paint.

Special tips

  • Baby Rattles – Do not to immerse rattles in water as they collect water which can lead to harmful bacteria developing. Wipe the surface with a cloth.

  • Wooden Toys and Train Sets – Wipe over. Allow time to thoroughly dry. These toys should not be immersed or soaked.

  • Duplo/Lego – Wash well with hot soapy water and a toothbrush. Rinse and leave to drain overnight.

  • Outdoor/Sandpit Toys – These must be cleaned well remembering that the next member may wish to use it inside. Remove all sand and dirt and clean well with hot soapy water.

  • Board Games and Cardboard Puzzles – Paper-based materials, such as puzzles and games, are not considered a high risk for transmission and do not need additional cleaning or disinfection procedures. Please clean counters and other plastic parts of a game.

  • Fabric items (Dress-ups/Puppets/Dolls Bedding/Infant Soft Toys) – Hand wash or gentle machine wash with laundry detergent and hang to thoroughly line dry.

  • Bikes, scooters and other ride-ons – These must be washed, keeping in mind that the next member may wish to use them inside.

  • Toy storage bags and boxes – Wipe handles and all areas that have been touched, ensuring everything is dry before placing toys back in them.

Please ensure all toys are cleaned before being returned to the toy library. Please do not return your toys if you are recovering from covid 19 until you have tested negative and are symptom free. If your toys are due to be returned send us an email, we are always happy to extend your loans during illness.