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Volunteering can feel daunting to many new members, read on for more information on what is involved as well as our other volunteering options

Volunteering in the library

Canterbury Toy Library is only able to operate due to the ongoing commitment of all of our volunteers. 

Our standard volunteer shift is currently 1.5-2 hours per shift which needs to be completed twice a year (3-4 hours total), children are always welcome.

When volunteering in the toy library you will be guided by the person running the session on the day and will work with other volunteers, it can be a fun way to meet new people.

While the exact tasks vary from week to week when volunteering in the library you might:

  • Count and check returned toys are complete and clean

  • Re-shelve toys on their correct shelves

  • Help roll out the shelves at the beginning of the session and pack them away at the end

  • Help package new toys and shelve them in the library

  • Help members take large toys to their car

  • Tidy the shelves

You can sign up for a volunteer shift by logging into your account and choosing a date from the calendar.

Other volunteering options

We know that not everyone is able to volunteer in the library and have a range of at home volunteer jobs available. Please note if you would like to take on an at home volunteer option you must advise us at the beginning of your membership year so we can find a suitable task for you. From time to time we may need to implement a cap on home volunteering to ensure we have enough volunteers to help run the toy library.

Here are some of our current volunteering options:

  • Take photos of our toys in action or write a review. 3 reviews or photos = 1 volunteer session

  • Help re-home some of our retired toys

  • Write an article for our website

  • Suggest your own! Keep in mind that the above are suggestions only, if you have an idea always feel free to email us to discuss it further at 

Join the committee

Canterbury Toy Library must elect a new committee to oversee and manage the toy library ​at our AGM each October. Interested in joining the committee? 

  • We meet 6 times per year (around once every 2 months) and try to keep our meetings to an hour

  • We discuss things over email and WhatsApp in between, it's very informal

  • We decide on future direction of the toy library based on member feedback and it can be a fun way to meet new people and give back to the local community.

If you decide you don't have the time to volunteer please email us at at any time. We can adjust your membership to our Toys Only option, you will then pay the difference and will stop receiving our volunteer reminder emails.

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