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We're partnering with VicHealth to support the health and wellbeing of young people! VicHealth is giving 180 local ideas a JumpStart! In creating vibrant, active and connected communities of young people, all across the state, from a share of more than $3.5 million.

And ours is one of them!

In partnership with Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre, Canterbury Toy Library will deliver a series of free stay and play sessions featuring a loose parts playground for children aged 2-8 Our loose parts playground will feature 200 medium blue blocks by Imagination Playground (you may have enjoyed the big blue blocks at a museum or shopping centre) plus other fun items from the toy library to make and create with. What other kinds of programs are funded? Each program will do its part in building healthier communities, overflowing with sport, active play, art and food. This includes projects that:

  • Make sport environment more welcoming and inclusive to increase participation

  • Introduce people to social and active recreation

  • Connect people through arts, cultural and play-based activities

  • Learn about their local food system and encouraging connection through food

All of this and MUCH more, to support the health and wellbeing of Victoria’s young people. You can see other projects that will be happening in our community here -


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